2-Minute Demo: ePayment Customer Portal

Providing a tailored online invoice payment experience for B2B or B2C customers can set your business apart, reduce payment delays, and provide an easy customer payment. This is possible with the DadePay ePayment Portal.

As a part of the DadePay AR Automation suite, our ePayment Portal will allow you to accept credit card payments (with surcharging if applicable), one-time ACH payments, and scheduled payments - all while reducing manual work for your AR team. Ensure a seamless experience for your customers with your brand and billing terminology.

Accept Credit Cards and ACH Payments

Get paid quickly, easily, and securely by enabling your customers to pay with their preferred electronic payment method.

Empower Your Customers to Accelerate Payments

Put the power to pay in your customers hands – without the confusion. Customers can self-enroll and make one-time payments or schedule payments for future dates.

Differentiate Your Business, Give Customers Peace of Mind

Providing a seamless brand experience will let your customers know they’re in the right place, and in the right hands.


“There may be one other competitor we’re aware of out there offering a client-facing payment portal, but overwhelmingly, our competitors do not offer this benefit. It’s another way we can offer more options and convenience for our clients.”

Sara French, Cash Application Manager

Madison Resources

“Dade was great to work with when we were rolling out our payment portal. A true agile partner during implementation, and integrated our ideas into their roadmap.”

Administrator in Leisure, Travel & Tourism

G2 Review